I am Daichi, a member of Amechan!

It’s so nice to meet you guys.

We’ve started this blog to share what there are in  Tokyo with you guys.

Also, we want all travelers from overseas to visit here and enjoy your whole stay.

So, we want to help and support your travel in Tokyo.

Okay, now, let me give you a short introduction of our project and myself.

I am from Osaka and moved to Saitama this April. Then, I work at Ginza(so close to Tokyo station) now.

To tell the truth, I am NOT really familiar with Tokyo:(

I often see a lot of travelers who have problems like unfriendly subways map and few signs written in English. Tokyo is a labyrinth, I think(I am a Japanese though). Haha

But, I can speak and read Japanese(not so fluent in English though), so I can help and give you tons of support in order to make your travel more comfortable and smooth.

And I also can travel Tokyo and practice English! Usually, Saturday and Sunday is my day off.  If your schedule allows and need our support, let us know! Of course, it’s for free!

We are looking for your visit to Tokyo! Thank you for reading this our blog!

Hava a good day!

– Daichi



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