The Bar you can travel back in time

Hey! It`s Daichi ! Nice to see you again!
What comes to your mind when you think about Ginza?

Most Japanese would have the common image that Ginza is gorgeous like the 5th avenue of New York City. The image is bull’s eyes. High brand boutiques stand side by side on the streets of Ginza.

As well, however, Ginza is known as an area you can travel back in time. Ginza remains you of old restaurants and cafes. You can feel an “Old Japan.” So, here I am going to introduce you one of the famous bars from above.

The bar’s name is “Lupin” established in 1928. The bar is located on the alley along Miyuki street. It’s kind of difficult to find out.

As you get inside you’ll have an illusion that gets you back in time. Old brown tables, some old photo on the wall, good drinks… As you see those items you romantic and wonder time.

Osamu Dazai, Japanese literary giant also loved this bar. There is still the chair that he sat at the time.

You’ve got to check it out with your friends as you visit Ginza!


This bar`s information is below if you want!

If this information is complicated for you, tell us from page of contact us!

Have a good day!

– Daichi


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