Because of rainy day#1

Hey! It’s Daichi!
Nice to see you again!

These days, it rains a lot and it’s much colder than before in Tokyo. If you come to Japan, you should bring jacket or some protections against the cold.
It’s really depressing when you go on a trip to somewhere. You may have to change your plan suddenly and may feel that you don’t want to go anywhere.

BUT, that is Mottainai(means “that’s a waste time, money and so on in Japanese)!!!!

So, I want you to know 3 places that you should visit on rainy day in Tokyo.

I am going to introduce one each of these places for three days.

First day is about Sento!


Sento means hot spring, public bath or bathhouse.

Most Japanese people love soaking in a bathtub. Because we have a habit of soaking from childhood. Some Japanese families travel to ask for just Onsen(hot spring)resort, like Kusatsu Hot Spring(Gunma) and Gero Hot Spring(Gifu).

But, we don’t have to go to Onsen resort. We can soak in a big bathtub easily.

That is a Sento.

Sento is much cheaper than Onsen resort, but it has big bathtub and great hot water.

Tokyo has a lot of Sento.
However, some Sento has a rule. It is that if you have a tattoo, you will not be able to use hot spring or public bath facilities.

This rule makes it difficult for forging people to experience Sento. Don’t worry, I will introduce Web site that you can find out Sento if you have it.

This is “Tattoo Spot”. You can research not only Sento, but also poor and gym where is understanding tattoo in Japan.

This site is using almost Japanese, therefore if you can not understand it, please ask us!

If you feel really cold or need to change the plan because of rain, please check it out!!

Have a good day! Thanks for reading!

If you have any questions or request, please contact us!



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