Because of rainy day#3

Hello! It’s Daichi

Today is finally its sunny day in Tokyo and finishes our feature article of rain.

Last day of “Because of rainy day” is a place where you forget annoying about rain. That is Lumine the Yoshimoto. Yoshimoto is the company that has a lot of comedians, artists, and performers. It is really famous for Yoshimoto Shinkigeki(like comedy theater and show)in Osaka. We, guys of Amechan, are from Osaka, so we grew up watching it on TV since childhood. Most Comedians talk with Kasai-dialect. When it come to hear the dialect, we can feel relaxed and it remind us of our hometown.


“Chidori” is my favorite duo.

Anyway, You can experience Japanese comedy show and comedy duo(like standup comedy). I’m sure you feel difference of what is funny between Japan and your country. Then, you also understand culture of Japanese comedy duo(Manzai: Japanese comedy duo). You may be able to find out your favorite duo.

Some comedians are foreign people. For example, He is “Atsugiri Jason”. He is from United State and play an active in part in comedy in Japan. I often see that He screams “WHY JAPANESE PEOPLE!” on TV. That’s really funny.  But, He is not comedian of Yoshimoto  company, so you cannot see him at Lumine the Yoshimoto.

Lumine the Yoshimoto in Shinjuku and Yoshimoto Mugendai Hall in Shibuya opens and shows them almost all days. If you are interested in Japanese comedy, you should check it out! Let’s change depression of rain to funny and find out your Japanese funny!

Lumine the Yoshimoto :

Yoshimoto Mugendai Hall :

Have a good day!



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