A Habit of Japanese Before Meals

Hey! It’s Daichi! Nice to see you again!

Thanks for reading and your like!

Today, it rains again in Tokyo. I’ m really depressed today. In this case, I have to eat some nice meals.

By the way, when you come to Japan, you may see most Japanese people  putting palms together and saying something before meals. Like that.


(The meal is Tonkatsu(とんかつ) and actually, he is Kenta.)

They say “I ta da ki ma su”(いただきます).

That is an unique Japanese habit. It means thanks for giving us lives of animals and plants, and thanks for eating. I think this expression has no word in English.

Let’s do that If you come to Japan.

Put our palms together while you pretend to be Japanese.

And, say

“I ta da ki ma su!”(いただきます!)

You try to be Japanese.haha

Have a good day!


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