A habit of Japanese after meals

Hey! It’s Daichi! Thanks for reading always! Nice to see you again!

Yesterday, I introduced I ta da ki ma su“(いただきます) that is a habit and a kind of greeting before meals. Actually, Japanese has other one after meals.
When you finish eating dinner or you are satisfied and enough, put your palms together

And say

“Go ti so u sa ma”(ごちそうさま)

Or, “Go ti so u sa ma de shi ta(It’s more polite)”(ごちそうさまでした)

Like that


It expresses thanks for person who made nice meals or thanks for eating. “I ta da ki ma su” as well, let’s do that! When in Roma, do as the Romans do. I’m sure that you would do it,  your travel must be more fun.

So, After eat nice Japanese food, your palms together and Let’s say

“Go ti so u sa ma!”

I’m sure that you become Japanese!

Have a good day!


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