How do you get information about Tokyo? #1 from Terrace House


Hey! It’s Daichi! Thanks for reading!

A typhoon is coming to Japan and Tokyo now. Probably he is going to arrive on Monday ans see around Japan.

Anyway, if you visit Tokyo and make travel plan before coming, how do you get information about Tokyo? For example, Internet? TV? Some guidebooks or SNS like Twitter? I think you can get it from various media.

Today, I would like to suggest one way to get Information about Tokyo. It is “Terrace House – boys and girls in the city“. That is a program on Netflix. Have you watched it?


Reference :

This program is the documentary that 3 boys and 3 girls live together in wonderful house. You can see modern young Japanese people who have trouble getting along with people and agonize over love and their future. It does not have script definitely.

But, I would not like you to know difficult of love and trouble getting along with people in Japan (These are much more difficult than map of Tokyo metro.)

Actually, the casts often visit various place to ask someone out and eat foods. Then, this documentary introduces name of restaurant and where it is a part of area below. Therefore, you can find out places where you want to visit while enjoying TV.

Sorry, I could not find out photo of scene that they go somewhere and use other subtitle.

If you are nervous about Japanese language, it’s OK, this program has subtitle on Netflix. You can choose language that  you can read. I would like you to find out favorite place in Tokyo.

To tell the truth, New serious already starts in these days.

This serious is set in Karuizawa (Nagano prefecture). When I often watch this one, I can see place of Tokyo as well. You may be able to find out your favorite place more.

Enjoy finding! your place in Japan!

Thanks for reading! Have a good day!


If you have any questions about Japan and Tokyo, please contact us!


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