The town of books in Tokyo

Hey! It’s Daichi!

I think Autumn is just around the corner after big typhoon.


In Japan, autumn is expressed as autumn of reading books, sports, and appetite.

Autumn of reading books is that it is said to be the best season for reading. Because the temperature hovers at 18 is a season that we can exceedingly concentrate on it.


Autumn of sports is reading as well, it is a season you can do sports easily. And it keeps good weather.


Autumn of appetite is said that crops is used to be harvested a long time ago, depends on the season that people can get a lot of good foods.


Today, I choose autumn of reading from them and am going to introduce Jimbocho in Tokyo. It is famous for town of books.


Jimbocho has a lot of book stores, for example, used bookstores, really big one, and some stores that sell old records and old movie posters. You can see them from all parts of the town. There are a lot of  different kind of stores. Some stores has really antique rare old books. If you like Japanese comics and are interested in old Japanese comics, you can get them easily in there. Like that.



Actually, I often buy books when I see the front cover of books and have crush on it. You may be able to meet such wonderful books in Jimbocho.

How about visiting Jimbocho?

Have a good day!


If you have any questions or my English is strange, please contact us!




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