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I often see a lot of foreign people making a long line to Ramen restaurant. I also like Ramen. Especially, I really like Tsukemen (dipping noodle). I have heard Ramen is very popular with foreign people. Actually, Ramen is divided into 4 types depending on soup, Tonkotsu(とんこつ、豚骨), Miso(みそ、味噌)Syoyu(しょうゆ、醤油). and Shio(しお、塩).

Tonkotsu Ramen


Tonkotsu is pork bone broth ramen. The color of soup is cloudy white and milky. Tonkotsu soup takes about 10 ~ 48 hours to make. It was born in Fukuoka. It is popular in area of Kyushu and famous for Hakata Ramen. We can choose firm or soft noodle and, rich and thick or plane soup. By the way, I really love super firm noodle and super thick soup.

Miso Ramen


The soup is made of Miso(fermented soybean paste). Most of it is rich and savory. Miso Ramen was born in Sapporo(in Hokkaido). Sapporo Ramen is really famous for Miso Ramen. For your information, I heard that Keanu Reeves who is known for “The Matrix” and “John Wick”, loves Miso Ramen and often comes to Japan to eat.

Syoyu Ramen


The soup is seasoned with Syoyu(soy souse). The taste is simply and rich. This Ramen is origin of Japanese Ramen. First Syoyu Ramen was served in 1910, in Asakusa of Tokyo. It has long history. Therefore, Syoyu Ramen is the most common of type of Japanese Ramen.

Shio Ramen


Shio Ramen soup is flavored with salt. It is based on chicken broth with salt. It is plain and rich. Unlike white cloudy Tonkotsu soup, salt soup is really clear. Then, It has long history  as Syoyu Ramen in Japan.

As you can see, Japanese Ramens is divided in 4 types. Then, in Tokyo Station, there is “Tokyo Ramen Street” inside station. You can eat various Ramen.

Tokyo Ramen Street :http://www.tokyoeki-1bangai.co.jp/street/ramen

Beside it, Tokyo has a lot of Ramen restaurants. I would like you to find out your favorite Ramen. I am sure you can meet some Ramens in the crowd could be the one you need to eat.

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