He is Standing by Ramen

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A previous our article was about Ramen. Actually, Japanese Ramen restaurants are divided into 2 order types. One is, general restaurants as well, you order the server. The other is you buy a ticket at machine and give it server to order. Most Japanese Ramen restaurants are type of buying ticket. The machine is Syokkenki(食券機、しょっけんき).


This machine makes foreigners puzzled to eat Ramen. You have to fight him to eat Ramen. He is last guardian of it.

When you buy a ticket, you insert money and press the button named Ramen that you would like to eat. However, almost all Syokkenki use only Japanese language and have no photo. In addition, most Japanese people are not good at speaking English. Therefore, they can not explain about Ramen that is named in button and how to buy at Syokkenki. As a result, I heard foreigners give up to eat Ramen.

But, it is really MOTTAINAI(means “that’s a waste time, money and so on in Japanese)!!!!

So, I was considering that foreigners can eat Ramen and planed a strategy. Today, since you come to Japan, mind as well you study Japanese a little!!

Japanese has 3 characters.




For example, this one! This is Karaage, Japanese style fried chicken.


Most Japanese characters of “Karaage” has 3 patterns.

唐揚げ  kanji ( げ is hiragana)

からあげ  hiragana

カラアゲ  katakana

These are same sounds, “Ka ra a ge”.

You need not to memorize all Japanese characters. You just understand what the shape of characters show and mean. You just memorize the shape of characters that you would like to eat. Then, you can push the button named Ramen that you would like to eat at Syokkenki.

OK! let’s take Ramen for example! Ramen has only 2 characters in Japanese.



It has no kanji. Now, you can choose a kind of Ramen. All that is left is you just memorize shape of characters and patterns that you would like to eat.

For example,


Tonkotsu Ramen

とんこつ ラーメン

トンコツ ラーメン

豚骨 ラーメン

3 patterns.


Miso Ramen

みそ ラーメン

味噌 ラーメン

2 patterns


Shio Ramen


しお ラーメン

2 patterns


Syoyu Ramen

醤油 ラーメン

しょうゆ ラーメン

2 patterns

Let’s image, if you want to eat Shio Ramen, which button do you need to push?

1, 醬油ラーメン











Of course, answer is number 2! 塩ラーメン!


Now you can understand the button means what Ramen is and push it!

In front and behind of characters sometimes add other words, but I would like you to understand the characters you ask for eating at first.

If you would like to know characters and patterns that you would like to eat, tell us!

We can tell you the characters and patterns of them. Anytime! You can enjoy eating Ramen without fear against Syokkenki!

Thanks for reading! Have a good day!


If you have any questions, please contact us!


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