Vegan in Tokyo

Hey! It’s Daichi! Thanks for reading and your like!

These days, it’s getting really cold in Japan. I struggle to get up in the morning. I do not want to get out from bed.

I knew a news that East JR (Japan Railway Company) set up Prayer Room for Muslim in Tokyo station. I am sure that it is much easier more than before for foreigners to come to Japan. Especially, when I heard increasing the number of vegan’s restaurants, I really thought that.


To tell the truth, understanding about vegan don’t penetrate into most Japanese people yet. Therefore, most Japanese people have never seen the restaurant of vegan and vegan’s food menu. I also have not seen them. But, it increases the number of people who knows about vegan these days. Moreover, it gets much attention from foreigners who can’t eat Japanese foods for religious reasons.

So, I am going to introduce the restaurants of vegan in Tokyo.

T’s restaurant


Olu Olu cafe

Now people of vegan can enjoy Japanese vegan’s foods. Of course, if you are not vegan, it’s ok, you also can enjoy them. The restaurants that I introduced are a part of them. I thought there are other restaurants in Tokyo. Tokyo has them much more than other prefectures. I have never seen them when I lived in Osaka. You should check it out!

By the way, I’m not vegan.haha But, I wanna try it!

Thank you for reading! Have a good day!


If you have any questions and problems of my English, please contact Us!!


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