Fish Market is not only famous for Fish…

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In our previous our article, I introduced “Tsukiji” a little. Tsukiji is super famous for fish market. I am sure that you definitely see it in almost all guidebook. You can eat fresh fishes, of course, like Sushi and Sashimi. For your information, I recommend you to go there in the morning. Most stores and restaurants open in early morning, and I think there are not really people much.

If you would like to know about Tsukiji, I recommend this video that introduces details of it by English.

Therefore, you can understand Tsukiji easily. Actually, the woman of video is Chica, YouTuber who tell Japanese fun of English. I sometimes watch. This video is she made for foreigners to introduce Japan. In some videos, she explains easy greeting and habit of Japanese by English.It is really easy-to-grasp videos for foreigners. ( But, she does not updated it these days)

Actually, Tsukiji is not only famous for Sashimi and Sushi. It has various a lot of foods. I personally like Tamagoyaki (Japanese rolled omlet). This one!


There are several stores. When I was kid, my mother often put it on my lunch box. Of course, her Tamagoyaki is really good, but Tsukiji’s too. And it has a lot of kinds, like inserted shrimp, crab, and green onion(Negi, actually I really love it.)

Which is flavor most popular in Tsukiji? You should eat and tell us!

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