Our Guest #1 :Lady From Thailand


Hey! It’s Daichi! Thanks for reading and your like!

October, 15. Finally, we welcomed to our first guest who is lady from Thailand. To tell the truth, she is my real friend and I practice English and talked with her.

Unfortunately, this day was rainy day. But, we were able to enjoy seeing around Tokyo.

First of all, we met up at Asakusa. We made a plan of the day in cafe. We decided to visit fish market in Tsukiji. Tsukiji is really famous for fish market in Tokyo. A lot of travelers always come to there, but there were not many people on thy day because of rainy day.


Tsukiji Hongan temple near fish market


Gate of fish market

Then,  we ate sushi! It was really good. Actually, I did not like Suchi, but I get to like it since I come to Tokyo. I thought Tokyo is really wonderful and strange city.


And Kenta met up us. We saw around Tokyo station.

Like that!


Our dinner was Oden near Tokyo station.


Konakara : https://tabelog.com/tokyo/A1302/A130201/13038498/

Finally, I saw her off at the station.

On this day, I was really glad to meet her and really appreciate. I thought she really enjoyed traveling in Japan………maybe.haha It was first time for her to visit Japan, but she knew Japan well and she sometimes used Japanese. It was Really good! 

Of course, we really enjoyed and are looking forward to seeing again!

Thanks a lot!


If you visit Tokyo and worry about traveling Tokyo, please contact us!

If you are Japanese, It’s ok! Let’s travel with us!


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