Inside Sweets of FISH

Hey! It’s Daichi!

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These day, I have some food that I really wanna eat.

What do you think what I wanna eat?

たこ焼き Takoyaki(food of Osaka)?


お好み焼き Okonomiyaki(food of Osaka)?


Oh my god, I really wanna eat them too. But, they are not correct. The food I really wanna eat is TAIYAKI(たい焼き)!


Taiyaki is Japanese sweets in the shape of fish. Sweet bean usually is inside it. In addition to Anko. Taiyaki has more tastes. For example. custard cream, chocolate, and cheese.But, I think it has more now. I really love Anko from one of them. Japanese people often wonder start to eat from head or tail. It is like Japanese culture. By the way, the reason why I wanna eat Taiyaki is I found out really good store while I explore Tokyo. Then, I wanna go there.

This store is   Naniwa ya Souhonten

A lot of people who ate them said the Taiyaki is the best in Japan. I wanna confirm by my mouth. If you like, let’s go together. And if you have been to there, please tell me how it was.

I think it decreases the number of Taiyaki store. But, if you find it, I would like you to eat them. I must be your face become BIG SMILE because of Very nice Taiyaki.

Thanks for reading! Have a good day!


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