She said “Sa yo na ra”

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Have you watched or known a movie named “The Intern”? Anne Hathaway played Jules who founded and run online faction site. In there, Ben who was played by Robert De Niro becomes senior intern at there. This is the comedy and drama movie that they bring up friendliness goes beyond gender, age, and status.


This movie is very nice and one of movies I love.

Actually, there is a scene that they spoke Japanese. Do you know that? When they go home, they said “Sa yo na ra” and back to each home. “Sa yo na ra(さよなら)” means “See you”or “Good-bye” in Japanese.

However, almost all Japanese definitely thought “oh my god, they can not meet again?” and “Why did they say Sa yo na ra?” I was one of them. In this case, I thought they might use it as see you.

Actually, modern Japanese don’t use it. Most cases are that you say good bye forever or you can’t meet for long time. Because of it, Almost Japanese thought they never see each other again.

We usually use when we say see you in Japan

ほな また  Ho na ma ta (in Osaka dialect, means “see you again”)

バイバイ  bye bye

またね  Ma ta ne (means see you again)

おつかれ  Otsukare (official means are “Thank you for your work” or “Good job today” and “Cheers to job well done” But, depends on various cases, you can use it. For example, when I meet my friends like Kenta, I firstly say it. For your information, if you use against your boss, you have to say “O tsu ka re sa ma(お疲れ様)” It is more polite than O tsu ka re. You should use it.)

じゃあねー Zya ne( means see you~)

Like that.(they are just our example.)

Therefore, if Anne Hathaway would say “ほなまた(Ho na na ta)” to Robert De Niro, most Japanese are really impressed. “ Oh my god, she studied Japanese well! Especially, Osaka dialect!” I am sure the atmosphere becomes bad and funny. But, this scene was really great. When I watched it two years ago, I never forget it. Therefore, “Sa yo na ra” was really correct and made the scene beautiful.

If you come to Tokyo, I would like you to say “Ma ta ne “ and “Sa yo na ra” like movie. I am sure you can become Jules and Ben in Tokyo.

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