Find your Favorite Chopsticks!

Hey! It’s Daichi! Thanks for reading and your like!
Today’s blog is written by my best friend, Shun.

He helped me make article. It is really good one!

Hello everyone! This is Shun from Osaka.

I am a friend of Daichi and currently reside in Osaka. I got an important role from Daichi that I am posting this, so in here, I would like to introduce some souvenirs that I have found preferred among non-Japanese people. By the way, have you ever come to Japan? And if so, what did you purchase? I am not sure whether it is only applied to me or not, but in my experience, it is always hard to choose souvenirs when I travel. That is why I am writing this so that you could spend more time indulging yourself in eating food, sightseeing more spots, or whatever while your trip.


The first one is chopsticks. You know these are really Japanese and necessities for Japanese when eating food. What is good is that they are very reasonable plus useful for any kinds of meals. Some even prefer to use them for pastas. You can get them for only 108 Japanese-yen from one dollar shops called “DAISO” in Japan.
In addition to this, there are more kinds of chopsticks; for example, those featuring Japanese seasonal things, made of bamboos, and more. If you prefer these quality, you better directly go to a chopsticks-store. But in this case, you would have to pay more. I personally think DAISOs’ are durable and fashionable enough to use or give as a present though. Using chopsticks may sound difficult for non-Japanese people, and you will probably need some time to get used to using them, but it is good to experience new culture/tradition. Also, when you actually use them, you will reminisce about your good time in Japan. So let’s go get chopsticks!
Hoping from Osaka that your trip will be very well.
Have a good one:)
If you have any questions or requests, please contact us!


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