Many Bowls are Everywhere

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Our previous article was 親子丼(O ya ko do n, it is Chicken and egg bowl). Have you read it? Actually, there are other bowls in japan without it. For example, かつ丼(ka tsu do n)、天丼(te n do n)、and 牛丼(gyu do n). They are famous for Japanese bowl and you can eat them easily in Japan. I try to introduce them, today!

かつ丼(ka tsu do n)


かつ丼 is a bowl of rice topped with slice of deep-fried pork, beaten egg, and slices of onions cooked in a sweet soy sauce based broth. It is really good. Some Japanese people often eat before important matches of sports and meetings.Because かつ(Ka tsu, means deep-fried pork) and 勝つ(Ka tsu, means win) is same sounds. Therefore, they are superstitious.

天丼(te n do n)


天丼 is a bowl of rice topped with deep-fried shrimp or deep-fried diced shrimp, whitefish and vegetables with sauce poured over it. Asakusa is famous for 天丼. Then, てんや(te n ya) is restaurant where you can eat it easily. I think it is everywhere in Tokyo.

牛丼(Gyu do n)


Gyudon is really famous for Japanese soul foods among foreigners. It is a bowl of rice topped cooked beef and onion. Actually, there are a lot of the restaurants of Gyudon in Japan. For exampl, 吉野家(yo shi no ya), すき家(su ki ya), and 松屋(ma tsu ya). I am sure you can eat Gyudon easily. Then, it is cheap and quickly. You can eat it in everywhere in japan.

Which one do you want to eat? Enjoy Japanese bowl!

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12 thoughts on “Many Bowls are Everywhere

    1. I live in London. We have some nice Japanese restaurants but not many have it because they usually only sell mainly sushi. 🤣


    2. Hmm so far I have planned to visit: Kobe, Osaka, Kyoto, Okinawa, Tokyo, Hakone and Nagano. I will see if I can add more places 😊 but in February I will go to Fukuoka for about a week to see an anime musical, and also visit Hakata, Beppu, Kurume and hoping to fit Kumamoto into my plans ✨

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