Hey! It’s Daichi! Thanks for reading and like always!

Do you know O ni gi ri(おにぎり)? It is Rice ball. Like that! My mother shaped into circle and triangle and often put on my lunch box when I was kid. I was looking forward to eat them. Because I did not know what was into.

Actually you are able to be looking forward to eating them in Tokyo. This restaurant is Onigiri Itigou in Daikanyama.

Onigiri Itigou in Daikanyama : https://tabelog.com/tokyo/A1303/A130303/13205899/


In there, you can eat many kinds of Onigiri. I choose tuna mayo in this day. I have never eaten fresh Onigiri out of kitchen for long time. Therefore, I was really impressed and remember my family and Osaka.haha I am sure that you wander what you should eat for long time. Find out your favorite one!

And, When you eat onigiri and take a photo, you can do “OnigiriAction.” Let’s do that together. Onigiri Action is campaign by Table for Two that one photo you are eating and take Onigiri, can delivery 5 school lunch to African and Asian children. Like that


If you do OnigiriAction, you have to do hashtag “#OnigiriAction” and if you drink O-i Otya (おーいお茶, like right one) and do hashtag “おーいお茶”, you can add another 5 lunch box. Of course just “OnigiriAction” is OK! You can do in Twitter or Instagram.

This campaign is until November 15th. If you come to Japan, you buy Onigiri and do that!

In detail about OnigiriAction : http://jp.tablefor2.org/campaign/onigiri/ 

You have special power that Onigiri become Super man who save a lot of children.

If you stay Tokyo and do not know how to do that, Let’s do together us!!! Please contact us!  

Thanks for reading! Have a good day!



5 thoughts on “OnigiriAction!!!!

  1. Hello Daichi!!! Omg hand made onigiri restaurant??? I will definitely visit because it looks interesting!!!! And I love eating onigiri when I’m traveling and walking for many hours!!! And tea!! Perfect combination!! 😊 thank you for sharing more lovely places because I’m trying to get more ideas about where I can go 😊

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