How do you get information about Tokyo? #2 from Free Paper

Hey! It’s Daichi! Thanks for reading and like always!

When I update this blog, I look for the information about Tokyo from a lot of media. For example, Twitter, Instagram, and my usually days. These days, I found out new media and you can understand what trend is in Tokyo now. There are Free Papers for foreigners in Tokyo. They give a lot of information about Japanese culture and trend in English. They are for free. You can get the information easily.


You can get in Kinokuniya(book store) at south Shinjuku. The sixth floor in there focus on English books. So, if you would like to get Japanese comic and guidebooks in English, you should go there. Free Paper is here!


You get off from escalator, you can see it soon.

Books Kinokuniya Tokyo :

Moreover, I am going to introduce the place where you can get them. It is Ginza Mitsukoshi at 1st basement. There is Foreign Customers’ Service Center. They also are there. You can find out them easily.

Ginza Mitsukoshi;jsessionid=SpdkhQCYQp626gRxGDrJm7dfQQ2lzv6jJGgLrGf8PgWdLpk14bL8!419357573

If you do not know what you should in Tokyo, please bring them and check it out!

Have a good day! Thanks for reading.


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