Why So Complicated Guys…?

Hey! It’s Daichi! Thanks for reading and like always!

The other day, I met husband and wife from Chicago in cafe. They were trouble with something when I sat next to them. What do you think what they were trouble with?

That was Japanese money “yen (円)“.


I have experienced I was trouble with dollar in other country because I did not know price of coin. I often had a lot of coin. At the time, kind people helped me. Therefore, I thought “it is my turn to move!”, I talked to them, “May I help you?” This 4 words always make me have courage because I am shy and not good at speaking English. But, they smiled and they explained their current situation. Thanks to that, I was able to helped them.

I thought the reason why I was able to helped them was I knew how much the coins and bills. So, if you know that before come to Japan, you are not troubled with them. Therefore, I am going to tell you how much this “yen” is.

First of all, 1 yen!


He is really small and thin.

5 yen!


There is a hole and like gold

Next, guy is 10 yen!



He is  bronze. The castle that painted in coin is “Byo u do u i n Ho u o u do u (平等院鳳凰堂)” in Kyoto

Next, 50 yen!


He has  a hole and are silver.

100 yen!


You can buy water at convenience store easily by him.

500 yen!


This is big gold you can eat Gyudon and Oyakodon in Yoshinoya and Nakau.

Next, they are bills!

He is 1000 yen!


He is Hideyo Noguchi(野口英世), who is bacteriologist.

Next, she is 5000 yen!


She is Itiyou Higuchi(樋口一葉), who is novelist. She is famous for “Ta ke ku ra be(たけくらべ)”

Finally, He is 10000 yen! Oh my god, he is shining.haha


He is Yukichi Fukuzawa(福沢諭吉), who is author and famous for establishing Keio University. I am really happy when he is my wallet.haha

You can prepare to check in Japan before come. Please check our blog for many times. If you are trouble with them, you should ask Japanese next to you for help.

Thanks for reading! Have a good day!


If you have any questions or requests, please contact us!


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