Ginbura (銀ぶら) #1

Hey! It’s Daichi! Thanks for reading and like always!

Actually, I work in Ginza now. So, I can see the townscape everyday. It is really busy because there are a lot of people and cars. I think Ginza work in there as well.haha


Anyway, such busy Ginza also has break times. You can see he taking a break on Saturday, Sunday, and Public holidays.

It doesn’t change a lot of people but the time has no longer cars.

To tell the truth, the main street in Ginza ( Tyu o u Do o ri , 中央通り) become Pedestrian street, like car free zone on the weekend and public holidays.

The time is…

From April to September: 12:00pm~18:00pm

From October to March:


Reference from :


Pedestrian street called as “walkers heaven” (歩行者天国、Ho ko u sya te n go ku). You can walk and enjoy the townscape without dangerous against a lot of car.

Actually, there is old Japanese word means walk around Ginza. That is Ginbura(銀ぶら). (gin) is a part of Ginza(銀座) in Kanji. ぶら(bura) is a part of “ぶらぶらする”(bura bura su ru means walk around in Japanese. We usually use this word when we walk around).

Therefore, I’m introduce sometimes about somewhere in Ginza from this article. Then, I would like you to think “ I wanna do Ginbura”. Ginza has old cafes and bars.

They are really romantic and you can feel old Japan. So, please looking forward!

Don’t miss it!

Thanks for reading! Have a good day!


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