Pocky and Pretz day!


Hey! It’s Daichi! Thanks for reading and like always!

November 11th, do you know what day this is?

Remembrance Day, Poppy Day, Veteran’s day, Jour de I’Armistice, and Leonard DiCaprio’ birthday, and so on. Happy birthday, Mr.DiCaprio!

There are a lot of anniversary days. To tell the truth, they are correct! But it is not the day I am going to introduce. So, aren’t you forgetting something?

November 11th


Can you see something from this day??


I’m sure you can understand what day this is.

Yes!! November 11th is “Pocky and Plitz day” Do you know that? Pocky and Plitz is Japanese snacks. Like that.


This day is famous for Pocky and Pretz day in Japan because 11/11 is we can see like Pocky and Pretz. There are some events that you can enjoy day if you are not Japan now.

detail is here! : http://www.pocky.jp/

I think you can enjoy bring sweets cylinder shaped if you do not have Pocky and Pretz. For example , I like Toppo. This similar to Pocky and Pretz. Like that!


Actually, there are a lot of cylinder shaped sweets and snacks in Japan. Everything is OK! So, Let share Happy!

Thanks for reading! Have a good day!


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