Hatachi(means 20 years old)

Hey! It’s Daichi who have strange pain in my back:(

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Today(the second Monday in every January) is coming-of-age day in Japan. I think the coming-of-age ceremony is held at a lot of places in Japan. It is the ceremony that we congratulate those who turned or will turn 20 years old.

Congratulations on new adults!!!!

There are many  cases 20 years old pronounced “Hatachi” in Japanese. 30 years old is “Sa nzyusai(30歳)” and 40 years old is “Yonzyusai(40歳)”. But, 20 years old is special. Most Japanese people do not  read “Nizyusai(20歳)” Actually, it types “Ha ta chi” on iPhone. Then, he convert  20 years old(20歳). He is really smart.haha Especially, we can experience a lot of precious and various things in our 20’s.

For your information, my turning point was 21 years old. That was I have been to New York. It was really turning point in my life at the moment. Everything in New York really touched my heart.

At that time, I was university student who just take some classes and worked part-time job almost all days. After classes and job, I always slept in my house, of course, I had no dream.haha But, one day, I knew a news Derek Jeter who is famous baseball player of New York Yankees decided to retire. Moreover, Ichiro who is Japanese baseball player was same member of there. I thought “I have to go there and wanna burn into my memory that they play at the same field!!!” Then, I made my passport and bought the ticket. I headed for New York. This was my first trip get out Japan.

Of course, they were really awesome and cool, but I saw a lot of people and landscapes that I have never seen before. I was like new boy who never know anything. My eyes were glaringly!
“Oh my god! Here is the place Anne Hathaway played a role in The Devil Wears Prada walked!!!”
Such a thing had a lot.haha

At this time, I got to think I want to live and work here. What I directly felt these becomes my dream. I keep looking for what I can do in there. someday, I think my dream coma true.


As you can see my occasion, an overseas trip has strong power that changes your life. I hope Japan and Tokyo becomes good opportunity for you guys like my experience in New York!

So, let’s go somewhere! On this opportunity you became “Hatachi”!
I am super happy if you select Japan and Tokyo. I hope your destinations make your life good and wonderful!
That’s all! Thanks for reading!
Have a good day!


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