How to change a boring lives to like travel days a little

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Finally, I found out how to change my boring work days to like travel! The way is just getting up earlier than everyday you get up as usual!

What are you talking about?

You mast be thinking so.

The other day, my boss called me after work. I already came back home and was taking a break time.

My boss : Hey, where are you?

Daichi : I’m my home now.

My boss : Seriously? You forgot to turn off light in our office.

Daichi : Oh.. shit.

My boss : Don’t care. Be careful of next.

Daichi : Sorry.

My boss said to me “don’t care about that” , but I really concerned about it and could not sleep. So, I decided to turn off early in the morning next day.

6:00 am

I have never been to working before. It was really refreshing because it was really dark outer here yet and really cold. Then, I have never seen people as usual on the train. I felt I came to other country and area. The landscape was different from usual.

I arrived at Ginza. It is alway shinning city. However, at this moment, I felt Ginza was really quiet and really exhausted. I thought “Ginza works hardly too. Oh, I think sky may be really beautiful blue.” I unexpectedly look up at the sky of Ginza.

Oh my god. I found out shinning light in our office. I really forgot to turn off light in our office. It made my face and mind beautiful blue soon.

It was a bad day, but I really did not feel “as usual”. I felt travel and different countries in a while. To tell the truth, I turned off light and went back soon because I was really tired. But, I recommend you guys eat breakfast in quiet restaurants and cafe to feel different from everyday. You may find out something and meet good someone.

Therefore, getting up early in the morning or get up on different time may change your boring everyday to little travel.


And don’t forget to turn off lights!!!!!

Thanks for reading!

Have a good day!


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