The Reason I Recommend Solo Travel

Hey! It’s Daichi!

Thanks for always reading and your like!

I often see a lot of foreigners travel in Japan with someone, like family and friends.
To tell the truth, it is I really envy them because there were most cases that I traveled alone:( haha

The point I envy is I can share what I feel and think with someone when I eat really delicious foods and watch beautiful landscapes. It is difficult for Solo travel to do that.

However, I would like to recommend solo travel! Today, I am going to tell you guys the reason.


1. You can make your own plan

If you travel with friends and someone, you can make a travel plan together them.

Friend A: “Let’s go there! I really wanna visit here!”

Friend B :”Nice! I wanna go too!”

While you guys read the guidebook, you can make you guys’ plan.

However, if you think such things…

Friend A : “oh my god, I wanna eat shrimp in NYC

Friend B : yeah! I wanna eat too! My mouth cant eat anything without shrimp!!

You : (Seriously!?!?!? Shrimp? I don’t know why you guys wanna eat shrimp in New York City. I really wanna eat big steak and fancy sweets in gorgeous restaurant and nice cafe!!!! when I eat them you guys should go sea!!)
Shrimp is nice…

If you can disagree them, I think you must be waiting for them until they finish eating there. If you decide to travel alone, you can just think about what you want to do and eat. You just follow your heart in your own travel.


2. You can see new friends!

I am sure that you have seen solo traveler when you traveled with someone. If you have interest in him, it is difficult for you to say hello and become friends because your friend are next to you, right??

“I don’t know he can make good relationships with solo traveler and get to be glad that he join our travel.”
However, when you travel alone, you do not need to think about it. You just follow your heart, and just say hello to your new friends!}
He might be becoming your best friend or giving you nice idea and awesome memory in your travel!

Therefore, you can easily make new friends without hesitating.

3. Your heart beats so fast!


Solo travel makes your heart beat! You have no friends who you supports if you visit to foreign country. You have to want any support like language and the way if you are in trouble. However, you know you can enjoy it! It is one of the reasons why I like solo travel! I am sure everyone want to make their heart pound!

4. You can talk with “you”

I think it is most important for you guys to talk with you in solo travel. I am sure you can find out new various things about you.

“Oh my god, I didn’t know what I really like!”

You will experience such a lot of things. You must be thinking about you and your life because you spend almost all times alone.


Why do you travel alone?

Why did you choose here?

Solo travel might be asking for any answers to such questions in your mind.
I would you like to enjoy this 4 reasons if you travel alone!

Hey! Did I make you want to travel alone? haha

That’s it! Thanks for reading!

Have a good day!


If you have any questions or requests, please contact us!

If you are lonely, we can travel together you!
We recruit someone travel Tokyo with us!


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