The Reason Why I Recommend Group Travel

Hey! It’s Daichi!

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The other day, I told you guys the reason why solo travel is good. But, on the contrary, I am going to tell the reason why group travel is good in this article.

Solo travel is we can make our own plan and it is easy to make new friends. Then, we make our heart beat because we have no friends who support and help us when we travel alone. We just follow our heart while solo travel.


However, I often come to feel lonely in these day because I live alone, so I spend almost all time alone. I thought I want to travel with some friends and family.

Therefore, I thought group travel is as nice as solo travel. I am going to tell you the reasons why I also recommend group travel!

1. Group travel starts before travel!


I think if you decide to travel with friends, you guys hold a meeting to make your travel plan. It is really fun! When you travel alone, you just quietly choose place where you would like to go by yourself. But, you can talk about your plan and listen to different plan of friends. You can make best plan with your friends. In solo travel, we can not do that. We can start to enjoy before travel!

2. You can share what you felt!


In Solo travel, when you see and eat some delicious foods and awesome landscapes, you are touching in only your mind. However, in group travel, you can share your mind and what you felt with your friends. The mind and what someone felt is different from yours. I think it is really interesting for you. Therefore, you can know different thought in group travel. Moreover, you can know about “Your Friends” than before.

3.You can take “your photo”!


It is really important and crucial! When I finished solo travel and I look back my travel photo, my photo is only landscape and nice foods. I feel who did travel, you know? haha I sometimes feel “I wanna come in this photo:(“. If you travel with someone, you are able to be in your photo. Therefore, you can increase your photos that you look back memory when you traveled with friends and someone.

How was them? Which is better solo travel or group travel for you??
I would you like to experience both of them and to travel Japan and Tokyo. Because, Japan is really safe country and has many awesome spots in the world. Therefore, I think it is easy for you to experience what I told you in this article and article about solo travel. Then, don`t forget you enjoy “your”  travel. If you go anywhere and with anyone, your travel and time is yours. I think you guys must be enjoying travelers! Just Enjoy!!!

Thanks for reading! Have a good day!


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