Tuna On The Big Pot!?

Hey! It’s Daichi!

Thanks for always reading and your like!

The other day, I met great friend from university . She will start to work from April. I’m really glad to here that.

Anyway, we went to a restaurant. It is ToroMaguro(とろ鮪) in Ningyoutyou. This is restaurant where we can eat Maguro(tuna) and various sea foods easily. Without sea foods, I thought there are a lot of good foods. Therefore, don’t worry if you do not like sea foods. I think Dashimaki is really good, I love it.

ToroMaguro(とろ鮪) in Ningyoutyou : https://tabelog.com/tokyo/A1302/A130204/13198863/

Then, we found out interesting one from menu. That is “Toro Maguro Oobachi Sashimi”

Toro means a part of tuna includes fat well.

Oobachi means big pot.

Sashimi means raw fish.

But, in this case, I think “Toro Maguro” means restaurant’s name.

So, tuna and various raw fishes in or on pot?? I was not able to imagine it. We ordered it and wait a little.

Suddenly, all staff screamed something, we did not what they said.haha Finally it appeared in front of us.


There are various sashimi and tunas on big pot. Inside pot, a lot of ice. It hold them.

The tastes were good for us. And, I thought this is good experience and practice for foreigners to eat tuna and raw fishes because we can experience a lot of kinds of raw fishes and tunas at one time. Moreover, we can hear strange scream.haha

It was really nice time for us! Thanks Toro Maguro in Ningyoutyou.

Thanks for reading! Have a good day!


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