Setsubun(節 分)

Hey! It’s Daichi! Thanks for always reading and your like!

I have one Japanese question! Do you know what day 3rd February in Japan?
Hint is the day people throw soy beans.
Like that!


The answer is Setsubun(節分、せつぶん)

I guess you guys must be thinking what are you talking?

So Today, I’m going to explain what is Setsubun!

The characters of Setsubun (節分) means division of seasons. We used it to mark end of winter and summer previously. We only use it before the first day of Spring now.

Then, we have some customs on this day.
I guess you can see almost all Japanese people throw beans while screaming something from some medias like TV news.
They say
Oni wa soto!
Fuku wa uchi!

Oni wa soto!”(鬼は外、 おに は そと) means “demons out!” Actually, some Japanese people believe the beans has power make demons and evils get out. Therefore, we throw and scatter soybeans to make them get out from our house.
Then, Fuku wa uchi!“(福は内、ふく は うち) means “Fortune in!”. Instead of demons, we invite fortune and happiness. Therefore, we say “Fuku wa uchi!” You guys like fortune and happiness more than demons and evils, right?


Then, we eat soy beans for each year of our age and hope our happiness in the year. Moreover, some people eat “EhouMaki(恵方巻、rolled sushi)” while facing happy direction on this day. To tell the truth, every year, there is happy direction in 3rd February. Happy direction of 2018 is South-South-East. Therefore, we will eat rolled sushi while facing South-South-East.

If you visit on this day, you try to throw soy beans and eat Ehoumaki!

Thanks for reading! Have a good day!


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