Would you like some coffee? #3 Satei Hatou

Hey! It’s Daichi!

Thanks for always reading and your like!

Today, the place where I am going to introduce is Satei Hatou (さていはとう、茶亭羽當)in Shibuya. This is a cafe. My good friend told me this cafe. Actually, I did not know that Shibuya is famous for coffee. Therefore, I thought I would like to try to look for other good one!

Satei Hatou : https://tabelog.com/tokyo/A1303/A130301/13001169/


Anyway, the cafe was opened in 1989. James Freeman, who is the founder of Blue Bottle Coffee Company, praised this coffee. Therefore, I was really looking forward to going to there and to drinking the coffee. The appearance is like that.

I could not believe here is Shibuya because it was really beautiful and graceful. Inside cafe was like old bar. The atmosphere made me calm and peaceful.



Then, I sat the seat and looked at the menu.
I was really surprised. Because, the price of coffee was 850yen!
Actually, the prices of almost all Japanese coffee are about 200~400yen. Therefore, it is two times more than almost all of them.

However, I selected this one and cheese cakes because I really love them and this was the purpose I was there.

I waited a little.

Finally, they came to me!!!!!


The smell was great. I sipped the coffee. It was enough taste to make me really happy. I could not stop my smiling. I loved it. Moreover, cheese cakes was really really good! I could not believe they were in front of me!

I was really satisfied with them for a while. If you would like to feel same happy, please come to there!

Then, I am really grateful for my friend who told me this cafe!

Thank you so much!!

Thanks for reading! Have a good day!


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