Let’s Say “KONNICHIWA” From Japan

Hey! It’s Daichi!

Thanks for always reading and your like!

Recently, my phone was broken, I could not charge it. Therefore, I went to phone shop, “au” that is Japanese phone shop. I was following the necessary procedures to get new phone.

Then, a old lady came to the shop and talked anything with customer stuff in English. But, he seemed puzzled because he was not good at speaking English. I can not say “I am good at speaking English hahaha” but I can speak a little and you know I am members of Amechan. Therefore, I decided to talk with her instead of him.

What she said was au shop has “Super World Card” like prepaid cards that we can make cheaper international phone than usually and need not to worry about overuse. Then, she would like to buy it. I did not know that au has that one.


I explained that and she could buy it. I was really happy because I could help her and change my phone!

Anyway, international phone is really expensive. I think some travelers would like to talk with family and friends who are in your country. At that moment, I recommend it! “SoftBank” that is phone shop as well has similar one.

au : http://www.001.kddi.com/en/

SoftBank : http://tm.softbank.jp/english/personal/kokusai/

Please check it out if you are interested.

Thanks for reading!
Have a good day!


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