He Stares At Changing Tokyo for 100 years


Hey! It’s Daichi!
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Finally, I tried to drink “Denki bran”.


Denki bran is strong cocktail that was made by Denbe Kamiya in 1882. Therefore, the cocktail has more than about 100 years olds history. You can drink it at Kamiya bar in Asakusa. Normal Denki bran is 30 % Japanese alcohol volume and old Denki bran is 40%.

They are really strong and it usually chases Denki bran with beer so you must be able to see a lot of drunk people are there.

Kamiya bar : http://www.kamiya-bar.com/

Denki(電気 でんき) means electricity and bran may mean brandy. When Denki bran was born, electricity was not common. Then, some people named “Denki ◯◯” well when they saw rare stuff at that time. Moreover, Denki bran was stronger than now and it overlapped with electricity. Therefore, the name was rooted as Denki bran even now.

I drunk a lot therefore I work up with a terrible hangover next day like walking dead.

So, don’t drink too much!

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