Why did Amechan start?

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First of all, our previous article was memorable 50th articles! Yeah! Congratulations us!haha

I was really glad to see that WordPress(our blog site) said congratulations for 50th articles!! Actually, there was a lot of time when I was kind of goofing off in updating article. I kept my best to update it.

I am always glad and happy to see “like” of you guys! This makes me keep going. Therefore, please give me more!haha I am just kidding.

The reason why we started “Amechan” is we would like to make foreign travelers comfortable even if it means just a little. Because, we thought Tokyo and Japan is really complicated for them. And we have individual reasons why we decided to start.

The REASON Why Did Daichi Start?

In my case, an American man helped me when I studied abroad in the past. I lost my bus to come back the place where I stayed. I was walking alone and looking for someone who help me. But, it was late night, nobody were there. However, I found out bright house over there. I pushed myself to knock the door because this was stranger’s house.

Then, a man got out from there and I talked everything like I was Japanese student, I lost away and I had no any bus to come back.

He was really nice gentleman because he easily said “ok, I will give you a ride!” I was really surprised and could not believe it because you know I was stranger.

Thanks to him, I could came back home. But, I could not say the word to express my gratitude more than “thank you”. I only said thank you very much. I really regretted not to say my gratitude more than thank you. However, he understood it and he said” it’s ok, Daichi. I understand what you wanna say, so if you like, let’s exchange account of Facebook. It makes me receive your gratitude.” I was about to cry.

I remember the experience was really touching for me. But, I was frustrating because in conclusion, I could not do anything for him.

Great Advice American Woman Gave Me.

I needed my host mother’s advice on something. First of all, she was angry because when I lost away, I did not call her soon. It was EXACTLY.haha

However, she gave me perfect advice. This became the reason I want to do something for foreign travelers in Tokyo.

I think I never forget this advice forever.

She said “ Daichi, it was really good experience for you. I understand you want to do something for him. But, you can not do anything for him. Because I think returning the favor is you must do same things, so when he has no bus lost away, you helped me by using car. It is impossible, right?
But, you have one way you return the favor for him. It is that you give his kind and considerate you received to someone else. It becomes your returning the favor. You just touch someone’s life.”

Therefore, I want to return favor for him by giving his kind to someone.

Writing our blog is one way to do it! Then, I would like to keep updating this blog and activity of Amechan. I think I want to “touch” your travel and life even for just a bit. So, I hope you guys say hello to us when you have any problems about Japan, and especially Tokyo.

By the way, I will keep to write our blog more than now! Please check it out from now on!
Oh my god! What a long article this is!

Thanks for reading!
Have a good day!


If you have any questions or requests, please contact us!


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