Why did Amechan start?

Hey! It’s Daichi! Thanks for always reading and your like! First of all, our previous article was memorable 50th articles! Yeah! Congratulations us!haha I was really glad to see that WordPress(our blog site) said congratulations for 50th articles!! Actually, there was a lot of time when I was kind of goofing off in updating article. … Continue reading Why did Amechan start?


Pocky and Pretz day!

  Hey! It’s Daichi! Thanks for reading and like always! November 11th, do you know what day this is? Remembrance Day, Poppy Day, Veteran’s day, Jour de I’Armistice, and Leonard DiCaprio’ birthday, and so on. Happy birthday, Mr.DiCaprio! There are a lot of anniversary days. To tell the truth, they are correct! But it is … Continue reading Pocky and Pretz day!