Our Guest #1 :Lady From Thailand

  Hey! It's Daichi! Thanks for reading and your like! October, 15. Finally, we welcomed to our first guest who is lady from Thailand. To tell the truth, she is my real friend and I practice English and talked with her. Unfortunately, this day was rainy day. But, we were able to enjoy seeing around … Continue reading Our Guest #1 :Lady From Thailand


Because of rainy day#3

Hello! It’s Daichi Today is finally its sunny day in Tokyo and finishes our feature article of rain. Last day of “Because of rainy day” is a place where you forget annoying about rain. That is Lumine the Yoshimoto. Yoshimoto is the company that has a lot of comedians, artists, and performers. It is really … Continue reading Because of rainy day#3

Because of rainy day#2

Hi there, it's Kenta! For the past few days it'd been raining here in Tokyo. I was kinda depressed because I couldn't do laundry. I'd got to say 'Good morning!' to tons of clothes piled up every morning. But, it's not that bad to spend rainy days for some days. So here I'd like to let … Continue reading Because of rainy day#2

Because of rainy day#1

Hey! It's Daichi! Nice to see you again! These days, it rains a lot and it’s much colder than before in Tokyo. If you come to Japan, you should bring jacket or some protections against the cold. It’s really depressing when you go on a trip to somewhere. You may have to change your plan … Continue reading Because of rainy day#1